SeerScanner event driven market scanner integrated by trading education provider ProAct Trader

Liverpool-based Seer Trading Systems Ltd. has announced that trading education provider ProAct Trader is now offering Seer’s SeerScanner as part of its trading training product suite. SeerScanner is a custom white label, market event driven market scanner for Forex Educators.

SeerScanner is a white label, HTML5 solution for easy integration into any website or HTML5 compliant trading application. It also offers an MT4 or MT5 plugin.

seer-trading-systemsEducators and students spend a lot of time and money learning and understanding proprietary trading techniques taught by market professionals, only to find themselves not having the time to monitor markets and implement the strategies they have learned.

SeerScanner has been designed to automate the otherwise labor intensive task facing retail traders of trying to scan and spot trade set ups based on technical events, ranging from the simplest moving average strategies to the most complex statistical analysis.

At the same time the scanner allows educators not offering ongoing services the ability to keep students engaged after courses end as well as expanding their offerings to provide additional revenue streams.

Jeremy White, Seer Trading

Jeremy White, Founder and CTO of Seer Trading, commented:

Having successfully integrated Seer Trading and  Seer Hub with two leading Forex brokers, we began to receive inquiries from not only self directed traders, but also educators, who had realized that leading trading platforms offered no such comprehensive scanning tools.

A trader would otherwise have to use their platform of choice with as many charts and individual indicators open on their screen as physically possible and then spend hours just staring at the charts waiting for the setup to occur.

SeerScanner now fully automates the scanning and alert process over all instruments that a broker may offer.

At the same time we realized that we had the ability to offer a solution that could be white labeled and customized to meet the educators proprietary trading rules and set ups without the normal bespoke development costs – that were prohibitive to smaller educators.

The SeerScanner can provide the results of market scans through multiple mechanisms, including, White-label, HTML5 as well as via MetaTrader4/5 scanning the entire market across multiple timeframes for technical events through a single MetaTrader chart.

Scott Barkley, Co Founder and President, ProAct Traders Inc, added:

We are delighted to say that our clients have embraced the SeerScanner product. The product has enabled us to boost our annuity revenue, increase customer retention, and most importantly it provides our students with the ability to break free from their desktop when monitoring markets.


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SeerScanner event driven market scanner integrated by trading education provider ProAct Trader


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