Scammers try to defraud former clients of Forex MMCIS again

The Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (CRFIN), Russia’s Forex self-regulatory organization, has published a warning about a recent type of scam that seems to be gathering impulse. Scammers pretend to be representatives of the organization and offer former clients of defunct broker Forex MMCIS and its subsidiary MillTrade to get their money back.mmcis

The organization is receiving multiple complaints from former customers of these companies, who insist that the contact details they provided to MMCIS and MillTrade are abused. People say that they get calls and emails from individuals who present themselves as employees of CRFIN and promise help in returning the lost funds. The fraudsters are asking for data about bank accounts, withdrawals and deposits with MMCIS and MillTrade.

crfin_logo_englishCRFIN stresses that all individuals who use such methods are not representatives of CRFIN and do not have any relation with the organization.

The organization notes that such actions are aimed only at defrauding former clients of the Forex brokers that were long ago blacklisted by CRFIN.

MMCIS officially stopped working in November 2014, after months of withdrawal issues and freezes. More than 50,000 customers were affected by the demise in Russia only.

To view the text of the warning by CRFIN, click here.

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Scammers try to defraud former clients of Forex MMCIS again

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