Saxo Bank goes social for launch of TradingFloor social trading – more than 100 Tweets!

More and more information is getting to clients via distributed social networks.

We covered last week the launch of Saxo Bank’s social trading platform, which was actually a rebranding of Saxo’s existing research and information site into a social one.

What we found interesting over the following few days was the social media blitz which Saxo Bank had prepared for the launch. We counted no less than 100 Tweets on the subject over a two day period coming from Saxo Bank’s twitter feed, Twitter was clearly Saxo’s social network of choice to get word out, as its Facebook page got by comparison just two mentions of the launch.

The lesson?

Well, it seems as if a ‘social strategy’ has to go well beyond just the launch of a social network, or the issuing of a press release every once in a while. Forex brokers and platform providers alike should take note of the prepared and coordinated Saxo Bank strategy here, and use the technique themselves — selectively of course, when ‘big news’ is about to hit the wire.

If you want social traders, why not find them where they already are – on social networks!

Some of the many Saxo tweets can be found below.

Saxo Bank tweets


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