Saxo Bank December ADVs remain strong at $12.5B, total volumes $287B

Saxo Bank’s average daily volumes declined very slightly from $15 billion in November to $12.5 billion in December, however despite not matching October’s high, volumes in December remain stable when considering that there is often a seasonal downturn in activity in December, and that December’s figure is higher than the six months from March to August 2014 on a monthly basis.

During the previous month, a general industry direction was reflected in that November’s trading volumes decreased slightly over the stratospheric October volumes.

At that time, the vast increments in average daily volumes and trading activity which took place in September and October this year had stabilized, with November’s volumes having remained similar to those of October, and significantly higher than the rest of the year.

Despite being slightly down compared with October and November, December’s figure is still a display of strength by the firm, ensuring that Saxo Bank, along with many other companies across all sectors, is continuing its pull away from the low activity that blighted most of 2014 and the latter part of 2013.

Total trading volume for December 2014 at Saxo Bank was $287 billion, which is a reduction compared to November’s $299 billion, which itself was down from the vast $392 billion in October but still higher than the majority of monthly volume figures during 2014.


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