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July 02, 2018 BY Mariela Naydenova

The exchange that surpassed Binance by trading volume

Binance was recently the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in respect to volume traded. CoinMarketCap’s ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges recently changed to promote CoinEx as the largest exchange by traded volume. CoinEx is currently processing a trade volume of around $1.5 billion on a daily basis, while Binance handles around $ 1.3 billion. The third place…

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July 14, 2014 BY Mike Fox

FX CFTC CoT sentiment data; Where will volatility come from next?

A quick note on the sentiment of traders coming from futures data from the CME reported by the CFTC. Traders are bearish EUR, JPY and CHF, with net positions of ‐$10bn, ‐$8bn and ‐$1bn, respectively and bullish GBP, AUD, MXN, NZD and CAD; with net positions of $4.5bn, $3.4bn, $2.7bn, $1.3bn and $1.0bn. However, Camilla Sutton, Chief FX strategist at Scotiabank commented that this week’s data is interesting as it provides the first warning signal for EUR bears and GBP bulls as the EUR short position failed to build and traders began to close out GBP longs. These crowded positions in EUR and GBP could signal an uptick in trading activity this week as there…

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