Russia’s CRFIN blacklists investment project Falcon-Trade

Russia’s Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (CRFIN) today added one more company to its “Black List”, which comprises the names of businesses that share the features of financial pyramids.

The latest addition to the “Black List”, taking the number of such suspicious businesses to 50, is Falcon-Trade. The company, operating from, is promising investors suspiciously high returns in exchange for their money.

In particular, CRFIN is concerned about:

  • The pledges of artificially high returns – up to 11% per day.
  • Promises of hefty bonuses for bringing in new clients.
  • Lack of objective guarantees that the returns will be paid eventually.
  • Lack of transparency – the returns of existing investors are likely paid from investments of new investors.
  • No licenses from the Bank of Russia for managing client funds.

In addition, Falcon-Trade’s website presents several regulatory certificates, of which at least one is certainly fake. This has been claimed by Russia’s Forex organization KROUFR.


The list of “certificates” on Falcon-Trade’s website. KROUFR has already warned the document with its name on it is fake.

To view the full CRFIN “Black List”, click here.

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