Russia’s self regulatory association CRFIN rebrands as NAFD

The CRFIN has announced its new association name, the National Association of Forex dealers (NAFD), during the General Meeting of the Association Members held on Friday. The association has also shared that Andrei Yurevich Lisitsyn will be the head of NAFD.

The General Meeting of the Association has also decided to form a NAFD Board of Directors, including the names of:

• Alexander Lyuvovich – Chairman of the Board
• Vadim Alexandrovich Vynogradov – member of the Board of Directors
• Ilya Vladimirovich Volkov – member of the Board of Directors of “Forex Club”
• Sergey Vyacheslavovich Vyazmyn – member of the Board of Directors, Director of development “Aplari”
• Andrey Viktorovich Zorin – member of the Board of Directors, senior vice president, head of the department for banking regulation at “Alpha Bank”
• Aaron Lazor – Board member representative of “Rodeler RU”
• Alexey L. Savatyougin – Board member
• Dmitry V. Savchenko – member of the board of directors, General director of “Fix Dealing”
• Alexander Sokologorsky – member of the Board of Directors, General Director of “VTB 24 Forex”

Some new members were also added to the Board, representing the banking and financial groups:

• Kiril Vladimirovich Ageev – Managing Director of “BCS – Forex”
• Vadim Marsovich Faizullin – Head of customer service in the financial markets of “Nefteprombank”

Andrey Lisitsyn

Andrey Lisitsyn

The president of NAFD, Andrey Lisitsyn, commented:

The main objective of the Association since its inception has been to build the foundations of a civilized regulated OTC market margin instruments against unfair practices, increasing market transparency. Today, our work goes into a new quality, which is reflected in our new name and decisions. With the efforts of bona fide participants in the various market segments (companies OTC margin market and the companies belonging to the largest banking and financial groups) we can create a stable and powerful self-regulating organization that could not only combine the holders of the relevant licenses, but to realize the development of national standards activity OTC financial markets, taking into account the peculiarities of all its segments.”

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