Majority of Russian FX traders generate profit/loss of up to $100, study shows

A study amid members of Russia’s Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (CRFIN) has shown that most Russian Forex traders generate profit/loss of up to $100.

The findings show that 60%-70% of clients of the Forex brokers that are members of CRFIN barely see any change in their account balance – that is, their profits/losses do not exceed $100. The remaining 30%-40% are winners and losers, with the particular numbers varying across companies.

Clients whose accounts are more than a year old form 55% of the clientele of CRFIN members. The most active clients are those with accounts that are more than two years old.

Another interesting moment: about 60% of the revenues of the Forex companies that took part in the study are generated by spreads and commissions paid by their clients.

According to the latest Interfax study, there were about 460,000 investors using the services of Forex brokers in Russia in 2015, with cumulative average trading volumes per month around $330 billion.

For the full text of CRFIN research findings (in Russian), click here.

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