Receivers of Blackfort FX secure all assets, seek to identify investors

A short update on the story of troubled New Zealand retail Forex broker Arena Capital Limited, operating as Blackfort FX. As you may recall, a court has appointed receivers and managers from KordaMentha at the broker amid concerns that investors’ funds might be at risk and that the broker is doing business in a way violating the laws of New Zealand.

Grant Robert Graham and Neale Jackson, the receivers and managers from KordaMentha working on the case of Blackfort FX, have provided a short note on how the work was progressing.

They said they managed to secure all assets of the broker and are now trying to identify all of its investors.

If you have invested money in the Company, please email the following details to the Receivers at [email protected]:

  1. Name

  2. Contact phone number

  1. Contact email address

  1. Value of investment

  1. Date and bank account your funds were deposited to.

Receivers plan to write to all investors on June 8, 2015 to provide another update on the process.

Meanwhile, the website of Blackfort FX ( has gone offline. This is what its visitors can see now.


You can find out more information about the receivership of Arena Capital Limited (Blackfort FX) by clicking here.

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