PTMC trading platform becomes available through LMAX Exchange

The Protrader Multi-Connect (PTMC) trading platform has become available through LMAX Exchange.

Deep integration with LMAX Exchange makes it possible to use advanced panels of PTMC, including Market Depth, Matrix, etc. Also, LMAX Exchange execution algorithms allow making trades at guaranteed best prices and with low latency.

The PTMC application can be used to trade with other connected brokers, already listed on PTMC’s Brokers page. Moreover, traders can vote for a broker they’d like to see PTMC connected to.

PFSOFT announced the launch of Protrader Multi-Connect (PTMC) as a standalone front-end application in January 2016. Back then, PFSOFT also said that it had completed integration of PTMC with FXCM’s ForexConnect client API in order to enable a fully-fledged trading with FXCM accounts using the front-end application.

For the official announcement on the collaboration between LMAX Exchange and PTMC, click here.

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