PFSOFT adds intraday margin trading for delivery based securities on Protrader platform

Multi asset platform developer PFSOFT just announced introduction of a new functionality that allows brokers to enable margin and cash trading on the same instrument with use of the same account.

Seeing constant demand for such ability among partnering brokers, PFSOFT combined both cash and margin trading for the same instrument underlier (symbol).

From now on, Protrader brokers can enable this function for their clients (front end users) for any single instrument available for delivery (delivery based) without the need of setting twin symbols, what would normally require to dedicate additional resources to maintain such solution, especially in case when broker may offer thousands of instruments.

This way brokers would make intraday trading far more efficient and amplify their clients’ turnover thanks to lowered margin required.

Traders will receive new ability to choose transaction type (intraday or delivered) when placing their orders in one of platform’s numerous order entry panels. Trader using the new function will be able to trade on the same instrument with two types of positions – intraday and deliveredeven at the same time, having two separate positions in such case.

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