Protrader adds depth-of-market Exchange Emulator for execution of local orders

Protrader Exchange Emulator

PFSOFT, the global fintech developer of multi-asset brokerage and trading solutions, just announced that is extending Protrader server’s functionality by adding exchange emulator for execution of local orders.

Implementation of this new functionality will allow all PFSOFT’s partners who use Protrader to execute orders locally in accordance to actual depth of market at a volume weighted average price. It will be used mainly by proprietary trading firms which would require local execution based on live market data for training and evaluation purposes.

The new functionality works based on level 2 quotes regardless of whether in form of full or aggregated book. The emulator encompasses processing of pending orders along with simulating an orders matching algorithm to respect proper sequence of fills.

Exchange emulator would be available next to previously functioning mechanism of executing the whole market order at the first available bid / ask price.

After introduction of the extended set of risk rules and advanced volume analysis tools, PFSOFT noted further increase in attention from professional traders and prop shops. The current upgrade is aimed at improving Protrader’s usability for organized professionals.

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Protrader adds depth-of-market Exchange Emulator for execution of local orders


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