Plus500 reports revenues growing 105% in 2013 to $115.1 million

Q4 revenues alone are totaling just over $50 million compared to $20 million in Q3

One of the leading publicly traded brokerages listed in the UK, Plus500 (LON:PLUS) has reported its preliminary results for 2013 and the numbers are staggering. Revenues at the company increased by 105% year-on-year to $115.1 million, while net profits almost tripled from a year ago to $50.6 million (up by 196% on 2012). Apparently the Plus500’s IPO in July 2013 has put in a lot of additional value into the company’s brand.

Full year earnings per share have increased by 176% to $0.47, as revenues during the last quarter of 2013 have totaled an outrageous rise of 150% over Q3 results to $50.1 million. The number of active customers has increased by 47% over 2012 to 85,795, while new customers have totaled 56,819 which is higher by 53% year-on-year. As you can imagine shares are skyrocketing on the London Stock Exchange as the market opens – currently higher by more than 30% over yesterday’s close.

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