PFSOFT’s multi-asset platform now supports bond trading

PFSOFT, the global developer of brokerage and trading solutions, has enhanced its brokerage solution today announcing a new bonds trading functionality.

Broking and market creating capabilities of the Protrader solution in regards to bonds allow to issue and execute internally as well as via API integration government bonds, T-bills a and corporate bonds.

From now on, companies using Protrader solution will be able to offer bonds trading to their retail, professional and institutional clients.

The new functionality has been implemented upon client’s request, just few weeks after new risk settings were added to Protrader’s back office, and remains in line with the company’s core principles to build universal, customisable and efficient solutions for key markets and participants.

Last month, PFSOFT celebrated their 13th year developing trading platforms. Established in 2003, PFSOFT was launched as a small team of 4 people, and it grown over next 13 years into 100 people company with a global product and presence.

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