PFSoft upgrades its Protrader forex trading platform with a focus on speed

PFSoft also announced the unveiling of – an online community for users of the Protrader platforms.

Forex platform provides PFSoft has announced a major upgrade of its multi-asset trading platform called Protrader 3. As speed of quoting and execution is a great challenge for the industry, the new release has up to 3 times reduced latency compared to Protrader 2.

It is not a secret that there still are some arbitrage traders out there that are looking for every opportunity to get a fraction of a pip by using lags and latencies, so this is very good news for brokerages operating with the platform and for their customers as well, since they will be getting their prices an inch faster and closer to the interbank FX market rates and the order execution will be as close to instantaneous as possible.

The other two pillars of the platform are its enhanced usability and functionality. After conducting a fair amount of market research the company has decided to unify the GUI (Graphic User Interface) across all components of the platform, hence making it easier for brokerages and end-users to reduce the learning curve. The easier a trader gets familiar with the platform, the faster he will start trading and feeling confident in his ability to extract the full potential from his tool.

PFSoft also announced the launch of their website which aims to bring together the users of the Protrader platform and act as a community hub. The website brings together traders from all over the globe into a forum section, users can also participate in a competitive championship measuring their knowledge of the platform and access a set of useful tutorials. This hub has all the potential to evolve into a solution aimed at addressing the growing popularity of social and copy trading.

For the press release on the launch of Protrader 3 click here.

For the press release on the launch of the community website click here.

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