PFSOFT to support money managers with new Protrader MAM functionality

PFSOFT, developer of comprehensive brokerage software for operating on all major markets, including Forex, stocks, futures, forwards, options, and CFDs is proud to announce it is focused on Managers’ needs providing them with Multi Account Management tools in company’s latest development – Protrader 3.

Now using Protrader MAM panel manager is able to create groups of accounts, set allocation type and ratios, but from this point on, also to determine fees and rewards by different nature depending on their investment plans and trading conditions.

MAM functionality increases powers and flexibility of every manager using the following choices:
– Specifying counter account to transfer manager’s fees and rewards;
– Choice fee currency to make processing personalized and more comfortable;
– Setting personal fee schedule that settles rewards automatically according to predefined rules;
– Advanced fee types like: daily, quarterly and annual percent of P/L, fixed fee, etc.;
– Using report to track all account operations and cash flow including fees and cross prices;

Protrader MAM equips asset managers with complex tool to trade group accounts directly from a single center. Bulk order execution with instant allocation to the multi-currency accounts allows executives to manage capital more efficiently where managing process is mostly automated. MAM groups may contain unlimited number of accounts and support four types of allocation, order modifying, and partial losing as well. Protrader solution is fully supportive to professional managers gaining a possibility to trade on investors’ behalf.


Preview of ProTrader MAM user interface

Preview of the ProTrader MAM user interface

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