Perseus First to Offer trans-Atlantic Wireless Access; 33.84ms Milliseconds New York to Frankfurt

Perseus provides many of the world’s fastest market-to-market routes

Perseus Telecom has announced that it will offer trans-Atlantic Wireless Access; 33.84ms Milliseconds New York to Frankfurt. The service is accessible from NY4 to Frankfurt FR2 data centres with the performance on the link at 67.68ms RTD currently, reducing to 67.39ms RTD in July 2014 with further reductions thereafter. The fastest fibre connection currently is NYC to FR2, also offered by Perseus, is 73.5ms making the new wireless hybrid route over 5ms faster.. Jock Percy, Chief Executive, Perseus states: “This trans-Atlantic wireless service will only get faster with performance improvements planned over the coming months.”

“Perseus is no stranger to trans-Atlantic offerings and has won multiple awards for QuanTA,™ their ultra-low-latency trans-Atlantic fibre network connecting financial centers in New York City, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt. Two weeks ago, the company announced the acquisition of TLV Networks in Chicago thereby owning and operating wireless access, including market data, between CME Group and the Intercontinental Exchange. Most recently, Perseus announced four major London Metro wireless routes, being the only service provider to all four London liquidity centers. Also noteworthy is their market leading route from NYSE Basildon to Eurex/Deutsche Bourse Frankfurt at 4.4ms today with further improvements due in July 2014.”

This super low latency is of key importance to financial markets and will further the arms race firms are deploying when it comes to electronic trading, where you can be the first and fastest. How regulation responds to ultra fast trading at light speed from anywhere around the globe is an on-going development. As we have seen just this week, new platform rules on Reuters Matchbook. Anyhow, the increase in speed and technology when it comes to connecting the world’s markets and financial centers is a welcome development in the 21st century and is leading to great financial innovation and wider participation across the globe.

Perseus provides many of the world’s fastest market-to-market routes (all asset class including Bitcoin) between Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, São Paulo, Mexico City, Tokyo, Singapore, and Johannesburg.

Check out the Full Press Release.

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