NovaSparks flies in the face of regulatory attempts to curb HFT, records 100% growth in 2014

Anglo-French ultra-low latency technology provider and market data company NovaSparks yesterday announced that it ended 2014 with year-over-year revenue growth of more than 100%, demonstrating that there is still high demand for high frequency trading infrastructure regardless of regulatory attempts to curtail the practice.

NovaSparks attributes its success to its focus on delivering the fastest and fully deterministic field programmable gate arrai (FPGA)-based feed handlers for trading firms operating in challenging market conditions.

Says Luc Burgun, NovaSparks’ chief executive officer and president: “2014 was a very positive year for NovaSparks. We more than doubled our revenue with two-thirds of it being ratable. This included multiple orders from long-time users of our FPGA-based feed handlers, delivering another vote of confidence in the design and productivity of our ultra-low latency platforms. We’re upbeat and we anticipate another great year of strong growth with a target of ninety percent ratable revenues.”

Throughout 2014, NovaSparks’ deployed multiple FPGA-powered feed handlers with several large customers. The Company also partnered with Thesys Technologies to offer an ultra-low latency market data service to Thesys’ customers.

All these efforts enabled NovaSparks to expand its market coverage to support over 35 feeds across geographies and asset classes, adding among others ICE, EUREX EOBI and OPRA. NovaSparks also deployed updates to support NASDAQ TotalView ITCH 5.0 and CME MDP3.

NovaSparks launched NovaTick, a new platform with better performance, more capacity, and numerous new features as compared to its previous generation products. Several customers are currently testing NovaTick on U.S. markets with more expected in 2015.

On top of its ongoing commitment to broaden its market coverage, NovaSparks is planning several key initiatives for 2015. The first will address the need for an ultra-low latency solution for consolidated markets. NovaSparks is currently working on a major enhancement in the U.S. equity space where it already supports 10 of the 11 protected markets. After that, Novasparks will focus on providing additional capabilities for customers in other asset classes, adding arbitration features for the telecommunications industry, and delivering new innovative market data solutions for simplifying the bank trading infrastructures.

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