FX Blue Publisher now available for OANDA fxTrade accounts

Clients of retail Forex broker OANDA which trade on the firm’s proprietary fxTrade platform will be happy to know that they can now make use of the FX Blue Publisher application and account sync service.

The product, which is still in its beta version and works only on demo accounts for OANDA fxTrade, enables traders to post their trading statements on FX Blue. This way, a trader can share the information from its trading account with a wide community of FX market participants. In addition, one can make use of a variety of analytical services all available thanks to FX Blue Live.

The FX Blue Publisher app for OANDA offers different options:

  • Include or exclude open positions;
  • Set a start date for inclusion;
  • Delay publication of orders (to prevent people copying your trades);
  • Schedule automatic re-publication every few minutes.

The account sync alternative means that FX Blue collects the trading results, without the traders having to download or install anything on their computers.

Here is an example (data is entirely fictional) of a trading statement on FX Blue:


The partnership is a landmark move for FX Blue which got its new name and ditched the old “MT4i” designation in July 2014. The company stated back then that the new name signifies its push towards platform diversity. Six months after that name switch, we see the company standing behind this pledge, as the FX Blue Publisher works on seven platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, FXCM TS2 and (now) OANDA fxTrade.

FX Blue is known to owners of OANDA MT4 demo and live accounts, as they are already able to make use of account sync and FX Blue Publisher.

Regarding OANDA, it is obvious that the broker is holding true to its reputation of a technology-driven business. The broker already has successful partnerships with companies like MultiCharts and Fingraphs. In November last year OANDA opened an office in the heart of the Silicon Valley, further reiterating its commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to its clients.

You can find more information on the new app and download it for free by clicking here.

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