OANDA opens doors in Silicon Valley

OANDA, a global provider of forex trading services and investment products, is pleased to announce that it has opened an office in San Francisco, California. New to Silicon Valley geographically, OANDA’s start-up mindset and computer engineering pedigree was introduced nearly 20 years ago.

“When OANDA opened its first office in Toronto, our focus was to use our collective technology expertise to transform the forex market; to create a fair and transparent marketplace, and provide individual FX traders access to it,” said Natasha Lala, Chief of Staff, OANDA Corporation. “Today, as we open our doors in San Francisco, our focus is largely the same. But as we make our best-in-breed fxTrade and fxTrade Mobile platforms smarter and faster, we also look toward how we can further transform the retail investing industry at large.”

Will we see more FX trading oriented companies open their doors in an innovation hub such as Silicon Valley in the years to come? As regulation stymies a lot of growth within the US retail sector, the technology hot spot still serves as a good mastermind community to bring forth new products and services to the financial trading industry.  It would seem that companies would benefit from the community’s resources and culture. New innovation that could potentially spring up even from smaller companies is available to a global market and not necessarily constrained within the FX and online trading sector within the ‘states. It looks as if proprietary technology focused OANDA wants to stay on the forefront of tech innovation as they further entrench themselves as a best-of-breed broker globally and a remaining heavyweight within the USA Forex sector.

“OANDA is a world-class company with operations in most of the globe’s finance and technology hubs, and it was time that we added Silicon Valley to that roster,” said Ed Eger, President and CEO, OANDA Corporation. “2014 has been a transformative year for this company. With strong and expanding teams in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, we are poised for more significant transformation in 2015 to the benefit of retail investors the world over.”

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