Leverate launches LXLite – novel all-in-one brokerage solution

Leverate, the developer of the award-winning Sirix retail forex trading platform, has just announced the launch of a novel product that will certainly be of interest to Forex and CFD brokers. The product is called LXLite and exemplifies a new approach to the all-in-one brokerage solution.

The LXLite package combines leading Forex and CFD trading technology with instant regulation, streamlined payment processing, and customized risk management. A big plus from all this is a drastic cut in the time needed to start and run a Forex brand.

“One of the ways our company stays ahead of the competition is by finding sources of inspiration from outside the Forex industry,” said Leverate VP of Marketing Nicc Lewis. “We saw that Binary Options suppliers frequently extend licensing and payment processing services to brokers, and we thought carrying that service over into the Forex industry would be a welcome addition, making the first steps into Forex world easier.”litelogo

Leverate also searched globally for reliable payment processors with years of experience serving the Forex industry. LXLite brokers can rely upon these vetted experts to handle financial calculations, and to forward payments directly to each broker. Personalized risk management services will also be provided by a specialized team.

Peter Leonidou, Senior Global Sales Manager, emphasized that Leverate is “committed to making it as easy as possible to start a Forex business. By adding first-rate regulation and payment processing, we have created a one-stop shop for those interested in opening a Forex business.”

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Leverate launches LXLite - novel all-in-one brokerage solution

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