Nissan Securities partners with Beeks Financial Cloud

Beeks Financial Cloud, a global leader in financial cloud infrastructure, announced today it has partnered with Nissan Securities, a financial brokerage business and one of the top financial securities companies in Japan to provide connectivity for all of Nissan’s customers.

The partnership was finalized in October, and Nissan customers are already utilizing Beeks’ services.

Nissan Securities, a historic firm founded in 1948 is the only company that participates in every derivatives exchange in Japan, and has gained high evaluation from investment banks in Japan and abroad, as well as hedge funds and institutional investors.

By partnering with Beeks Financial Cloud, Nissan can provide a reliable VPS and high-speed communication infrastructure solution to its institutional investors, professional investment company and individual traders.

Gordon McArthur, CEO at Beeks Financial Cloud

Gordon McArthur, CEO at Beeks Financial Cloud

Beeks Financial Cloud CEO Gordon McArthur commented:

We’re very glad to be partnering with Nissan Securities, and we’re excited to see the benefits this partnership will provide to all parties. For Nissan clients, they can reduce latency by using Beeks’ cloud infrastructure. And for Beeks clients,this partnership will lead to more activity at Beeks’ access point in Tokyo.

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