NinjaTrader Ecosystem welcomes Futures Tactics and Stealth Traders

NinjaTrader, a leading platform provider of electronic trading tools who has also transitioned into brokerage services since last year to self-directed traders allowing both manual and automated trade execution has announced two new partners to it’s ever developing NinjaTrader Ecosystem of over 400 partners, who create custom tools and education based on the NinjaTrader platform.


Two new partners:

1) Futures Tactics

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Futures Tactics provides traders with market analysis, futures training and trading software to easily identify optimal locations to make directional plays within the market. Futures Tactics focuses on pure price action and indicator free charts with a special concentration on dynamic support and resistance in the most actively traded markets, including the Emini S&P, Euro Futures, Crude Oil and Gold.

2) Stealth Traders

The mission of Stealth Traders is to empower traders all over the world to achieve consistent profitability by creating and providing the highest quality indicators and free education. Its focus is stealth: lying in wait for the signals others don’t see. Developed in-house from 30 years of successful trading experience, its indicators, education and Stealth Scanner are deigned to increase trading success by helping traders select only the highest percentage moves, stay out of bad trades and maximize profits with expert trade management. Regardless of trading experience, Stealth Traders teaches from the ground up or to improve one’s current trading results.

NinjaTrader provides multiple brokerage options to allow traders the flexibility to access the futures, forex and equity markets including direct services for futures trading through NinjaTrader Brokerage.

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