Leverate’s LXCRM adds security and automation features

FX brokerage technology provider Leverate has added several new features to the LXCRM platform which are intended to provide increased efficiency and security. In the latest release, the firm has added automated user creation, the ability to track requests to export files, and multi-language support.

Full control over user creation has been added to the CRM, which as a result of full automation, can allow brokers to create new users within a matter of minutes, as well as being able to make changes immediately, as their workforce evolves.

With regard to added security, brokers can track downloads of sensitive account information, by exporting access requests to Excel. Safeguarding client data protects Forex brokers while providing users with the flexibility they need to provide excellent customer service. Leverate considers that customizable permissions are an effective way to restrict access to the appropriate levels.

Multi-language support has also been included in the latest release of LXCRM, reflecting the global nature of the Forex industry. In addition to this, Leverate has begun its regionalization drive with the Chinese language, and will be adding additional languages in the near future.

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Leverate's LXCRM adds security and automation features


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