FXCM’s August retail trading volume rises by 14% from July; Institutional customers remained flat

FXCM Inc. (NYSE:FXCM) today announced metrics for August 2014 for its retail and institutional FX business. Keeping up with the overall trend in the industry, FXCM had a nice month for retail although institutional volumes were a tad flat. Even so, August was the best overall month in 2014 for the firm, you can see the breakdown and chart below. Just last week, the industry learned that FXCM expanded through buying IBFX’s MT4 Retail Forex accounts in the US and Australia. If these accounts are welcomed and remain active with the company, volumes should see an increase over the next several months to new highs for the company as they are integrated into FXCM’s account management system.

August 2014 Retail Trading Metrics

  • Retail customer trading volume of $300 billion in August 2014, 14% higher than July 2014 and 2% lower than August 2013.
  • Average retail customer trading volume per day of $14.3 billion in August 2014, 25% higher than July 2014 and 2% higher than August 2013.
  • An average of 392,322 retail client trades per day in August 2014, 14% higher than July 2014 and 5% lower than August 2013.
  • Tradable accounts of 199,377 as of August 31, 2014, a decrease of 2,417 accounts, or 1% from July 2014, and an increase of 14,254 accounts, or 8% from August 2013.


August 2014 Institutional Trading Metrics

  • Institutional customer trading volume of $257 billion in August 2014, 2% lower than July 2014 and 22% higher than August 2013.
  • Average institutional trading volume per day of $12.2 billion in August 2014, 7% higher than July 2014 and 28% higher than August 2013.
  • An average of 35,387 institutional client trades per day in August 2014, 22% lower than July 2014 and 38% lower than August 2013.

To view the official release from FXCM, click here.

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