New eToro app now supports One Click Trading

Social trading expert eToro today announces that its new eToro app now supports One Click Trading.

The One Click Trading functionality is mostly suitable for experienced traders who prefer to open trades immediately, without confirmation, using pre-determined trade parameters (Amount, Leverage, Stop Loss and Take Profit). This trading mode can be very useful during times of high volatility when traders wish to act at the click of a button.

To turn on the One Click Trading Mode, traders can switch it on in the new “Trading” settings screen.


To add instruments for which this mode will work, traders can use the search or the add market tool.

Alternatively, one can add instruments whenever he/she opens a trade in a market that is not on his/her one click trading list.

After adding the trading instruments and setting trade parameters for them, traders will notice that the buy/sell buttons for the instruments that should work in OCT mode have turned grey. This means that when these buttons are clicked, a trade will be opened immediately. Closing a trade on an instrument that is featured in a trader’s one click trading list will also be executed immediately, without confirmation.


You can view the full announcement from eToro on the new functionality by clicking here.

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