New build of Interactive Brokers’ TWS platform to make order entry easier

US online trading services provider Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) is about to markedly simplify the order entry process in the new build of its proprietary multi-asset trading platform Trader Workstation (TWS).

Improvements in the 953 beta build focus on the Mosaic Order Entry panel, the Stock/ETF Benchmarker, as well as on the Option Selector.

Enhanced Mosaic Order Entry Panel

The “Interactive” mode of the Mosaic Order Entry panel has been improved to provide one-click Bid, Mid or Ask price entry. A trader simply had to hold the mouse over a price button or label to show the selected price point highlighted in yellow. A simple click is sufficient to use this selected price in the order’s price field. The Position value is also clickable and can be used as the order quantity.


To put the Mosaic Order Entry panel into “Interactive” mode, traders have to click the wrench icon from the panel’s blade (aka title bar) and then choose Settings, then select the “Interactive” radio button.

Stock/ETF Benchmarker

The Stock/ETF Benchmarker tool lets traders benchmark their portfolio against a user-selected benchmark index for the current day, and shows them the contribution and weighting of individual equity positions. The tool can be accessed from the New Window dropdown.


Option Selector Enhancements

The Option Selector is used to choose options contracts to add to a trading page or watch list. It now features a raft of improvements, including shading the options that are in the money and also new ways of grouping options contracts.

Group Positions by Recent Trade Date

Positions in one’s portfolio can now be grouped by security type, expiry, sector, industry and underlying. The latest build enables traders to group positions by recent trade date. When using this sort, one’s positions will be grouped under the trade date for all trades within the last seven days.

New “Days To Last Trading Day” Field

A new field has been added to the Contract Description category: Days To Last Trading Day. This field displays the number of days available until the contract’s last available trading day, and can be added to any tool or window that allows addition or removal of fields.

New Beta TWS Launcher

This is a small improvement which means an enhanced launch method for beta builds which will be installed automatically when traders run beta TWS. This new system will allow faster startup of the application from the desktop, improve stability and security, and will keep TWS beta updated to the latest version.

To find out more about the latest TWS beta build, click here.

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