NetDania launches new charting app on tradable’s app store

NetDania brings its popular Apple app store charting and trading app to tradable.

NetDania, one of the world’s leading chart providers, has announced the launch of a new app on tradable’s App Store. The app will offer traders a unique way to visually place orders in the market, by trading from the charts. 

NetDania is one of the first established technology companies to publish charting apps for the new platform. NetDania’s tradable app represents a new move for the charting tech firm, which has traditionally developed standalone charting applications that sit outside a trading environment.

Stig Brylle, founder and CEO of NetDania, said: “We’re excited about expanding our product offering onto tradable. We are always at the forefront when it comes to developing apps for new technologies. We believe in the tradable model of individual traders being able to pick and choose for themselves – similar to the experience they know from their smartphone.

“Our mobile app is currently top rated on Apple’s App Store and we look forward to benefitting from distribution through the tradable App Store.”

For the full press release click here.

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