Nadex launches Market Orders with Protection, updates mobile apps

North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. (Nadex), part of IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG), today presented a set of novelties concerning its offering.

For starters, in tune with an earlier LeapRate report, Nadex announced the launch of a new order type: Market Order with Protection (MOP). Like a traditional market order, the MOP allows traders to enter a market quickly at the current price while being protected from fills at prices far from the target price.

screen322x572Another set of enhancements, unveiled today, concerns trading on the go, as Nadex has just released updated versions of its mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. The upgrades reflect an extensive study of members’ needs and trading habits, the Exchange said.

The new key features include:

  • Group, sort and filter strike prices to find the trades one prefers;
  • Use portrait mode of dynamic charts to view multiple strikes or landscape mode to see more price history and add technical indicators;
  • Open a free demo account right from the app and practice trading with $25,000 of virtual funds;
  • New order type, the Market Order with Protection (MOP), lets traders open positions in fast-moving markets just like a traditional market order, but with protection that guarantees the fill price will be within a defined range;
  • New fast market search helps traders get to any market in seconds;
  • Traders can add their bank account or debit card to easily add funds to their trading account.

The new versions of the Nadex mobile apps are now available in the App Store  and Google Play.

You can view the official announcement from Nadex by clicking here.

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