Myfxbook partners with trading signals and copy trading provider Signal Start

Myfxbook, the online analysis expert and social network, has announced a very useful new addition to its lineup of services. The company is partnering with Signal Start to offer a functionality to copy the trades of a wider variety of systems on Myfxbook.

This means that social trading on Myfxbook is no longer limited to AutoTrade. The latter is, of course, amid the most credible social trading platforms, but due to its rigid standards it often excludes systems that are quite popular amid traders. For that matter, you may recall that Forex Growth Bot was banned from AutoTrade a couple of years ago as the system was gauged as too risky given its hefty drawdown.

Well, the new copy service will enable mirroring the trades of systems outside of AutoTrade too. Not all Myfxbook systems are covered by the new service but if you see the “Copy” button at the top right corner of a system’s page, you can make use of Signal Start’s offer.


This new service enables traders to copy any system (real/demo) with a fixed monthly fee (set by the trader) with ease. There are no installations and the trader only has to provide certain login credentials.

Some details about pricing. Currently, there is a promotion, so the first 500 clients will receive the service for only $1 for the first month, instead of $25.

To learn more about Signal Start, visit the corporate website.

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