Myfxbook launches real time community position ratios alerts

The first batch of features released in 2014 brings to the copy trading platform some fresh innovation taste

The topnotch social and copy trading platform Myfxbook has launched some new goodies for its customers in the beginning of the week. The company has announced on its website the availability of three distinct features to improve the arsenal of copy traders and their leaders for that matter. Following its recent risk adjusted rankings introduction it maintains momentum with some quite interesting innovations.

The first addition is called Community outlook notifications and uses real time statistical data on positions exposure to help out traders who want to play on certain position metrics. Users can set unlimited or predetermined alert levels to the community outlook data and real time notifications will be sent to their attention if those levels are breached. Alerts can be set on several criteria – positioning percentage, volumes or positions.


The second tool removes a frequent inconvenience for traders who take advantage of using multiple positions to optimize their trading results. It is called Open Positions Exposure and what it does is essentially to net all of the exposure of active trades that the client has. The screenshot that the company has supplied nets into 4 simple rows a total of 15 positions.


With the forth feature the company aims at serving individual needs of clients who wish to extend their following of systems that get disqualified from AutoTrade. Up until now all active positions on the followers’ accounts were automatically closed.

With the recent additions of AxiTrader (a member of LeapRate’s Approved List of global regulated forex brokers), ThinkForex and IamFX, Myfxbook keeps growing its product offerings globally.

The company stated at the end of its press release that it is working on more sections for the Myfxbook website, so stay tuned to LeapRate to know more.

For a link to the full press release visit Myfxbook’s website.

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