MultiCharts platform introduces real-time portfolio trading

The latest upgrade (9.0) of MultiCharts, the sophisticated online trading platform, offers a range of improvements, with the biggest being the addition of real-time portfolio trading feature – Portfolio Trader.

The software developer, which has been working on the MultiCharts platform since 2005, has begun to offer portfolio trading to all traders who use the services of partner brokers. This has come to fruition due to the consideration that trading a portfolio of instruments instead of a single instrument is usually devoted to institutional customers solely. Traders who use MultiCharts will now be able to make use of this feature and assess perks like the lack of need to open numerous separate charts for different trading instruments.

A huge change is apparent within the optimization capabilities of the platform, as Portfolio Trader features the option for walk-forward optimization, instead of the traditional backtesting. Now live market data can be used to optimize strategies and traders don’t have to stop at the level of simulation of performance based on historical data. For those who are not satisfied with the standard set of optimization parameters and would like to create their own (custom) criteria for optimization the platform now offers the Custom Fitness option.

MultiCharts also comes with other new functionalities, such as recalculating all studies with one click, as well as easier drawing of trendlines.

An innovation that could not pass unnoticed is that time in the Order and Position tracker is displayed more precisely, with milliseconds also shown. The latter addition highlights a drive towards accuracy, transparency and precision, exhibited by some of the biggest trading platforms. For instance, a raft of refined statistics in terms of transaction time have been available on Metatrader 5 since December 2013, whilst starting in October 2013 cTrader has provided traders with details on each position (a breakdown in deals and orders). Moves in this direction have been made by brokers like OANDA – and its proprietary fxTrade platform, as well as by Saxo Bank with its SaxoTrader platform.

Along with the numerous software updates that will be available to all partner brokers of MultiCharts, the developer has also unveiled improvements to the services it provides to some of its partners, like LMAX and Interactive Brokers. The platform provider enjoys a list of credible partners, which includes names like FXCM and MB Trading.

Details about the latest version of MultiCharts can be found here 

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