MultiCharts platform no longer available to MB Trading clients after Tradeking deal

Developers of online trading platform MultiCharts made an announcement on Monday regarding the availability of the services to clients of US brokerage MB Trading, which agreed to be acquired by Tradeking in August this year.

MB Trading clients could use MultiCharts before the deal but after the transfer of Forex accounts from MB Trading to Tradeking, a process that is scheduled for October 23, 2015, the platform will no longer be available to them. The reason for this is that Tradeking brokerage is not supported in MultiCharts at the moment.

The software company said it is considering the possibility to implement the connection to Tradeking brokerage in the future and that it is evaluating the technical possibilities. However, there can be no precision about the timing of such a partnership.

MultiCharts is interesting mostly for its independence – it has supported brokers but traders can easily switch between various options or choose more than one broker to use. A trader can also select one or multiple data feeds which to tap. This is very useful for software developers who need to test their indicators or automated trading strategies using data feeds from various brokers. The platform is known for its technical analysis capabilities and backtesting functionalities.

To view the announcement from MultiCharts, click here.

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