Interactive Brokers’ TWS build 956 enhances risk navigator, adds new tech indicator scanners

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR), one of the major online trading services providers in the United States, has just released a new build (956) of its TWS platform, with improvements ranging from new technical indicator scanners to the ability to attach SMS to alerts.

LeapRate has already informed you about some of the enhancements, such as the new technical indicator columns, while the latest build was still in beta. For more details about the novelties, keep reading…

  • New Technical Indicator Scanners and Columns

Interactive Brokers has added a group of real-time Advanced Market Scanners for product-based EMAs, price crossing EMAs, or EMA (20) crossing EMA(200). For these scanners, TWS supports 20, 50, 100, and 200 period EMAs.

To add an Advanced Market Scanner, traders have to use the Classic TWS interface and to select Advanced Market Scanner from the Analytics Menu. To use Mosaic Market Scanners, one has click the “Add Tab” icon from the Mosaic Monitor panel and select Mosaic Market Scanner.

These data points are also available as columns so that traders can see these values for products in watchlists and portfolios. To add these columns to a Watchlist or other window, traders simply have to hold the mouse over an existing data column to display the “Insert Column” feature. Then, they have to click “Insert Column” and select columns from the Technical Indicator category.

  • Risk Navigator Enhancements

The broker has added three new columns to the Risk Navigator tabs, along with the ability to use different “margin” modes in a hypothetical what-if portfolio. New columns available from the Metrics menu include: Tracking Factor; Correlation; Description.

To support viewing a what-if portfolio in different margin scenarios, a new Margin Mode feature has been added to the Risk Navigator Settings menu. This feature is only available for what-if portfolios, and will be greyed out if the server does not find at least one available other margin type.

  • Non-English Contract Description

The Contract Description field will now display content in the localized language set in TWS, when available. At present, only Simplified Chinese is supported. To change the display language for TWS, visit the Login Box and click the flag icon along the bottom of the box and then choose a language.

  • Attach Email or SMS Messages to Alerts

A new Global Configuration setting enables traders to always send an email/SMS message to the device set up in Account Management when they set an alert.

To have the “send message” feature activated by default for all alerts, open Global Configuration and in the Information Tools section select Alerts and then select Settings. Check the “Send message via e-mail or SMS” checkbox.

  • Create Daily P&L Change Alerts on Positions

Traders can now set up alerts that are triggered when the Daily P&L for any contract in which they hold a position changes by a user-defined USD value.

To create a Daily P&L alert, traders have to select the contract in which they hold a position and use the right-click menu to select Analytical Tools and then Alert. Click Advanced Settings in the Alert box to create a Daily P&L change alert.

  • Customize Date Format Display

The latest TWS version also enables traders to customize how dates are formatted and displayed throughout TWS using the Date Formats page. Select the order of units, for example Month/Day/Year or Year/Month/Day etc. Specify how the year and month is formatted, and even tell the system whether or not to leave a space between the month and day, for example MAR16, or MAR 16, and to omit showing the year if it is the current year.

To modify Date Formats, open Global Configuration and from the Display section select Date Formats.

You can find more information about the latest TWS build by clicking here.

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