Midwest goes Bitcoin: Leverage Holdings to unveil virtual currency ATMs in Iowa

Recently established North American online trading technology solutions firm Leverage Holdings, LLC has combined technology provision for crypto-currency, Forex, precious metals and cloud computing, with a view to expanding the ecosystem that supports Bitcoin in the Mid-Western United States.

The has today announced plans to set up Bitcoin ATMs in the state of Iowa, six months after the firm’s foundation in July 2014 by Ames resident David Miller, along with co-founders Michael Mikkelsen and Taylor Webber.

“While Leverage is bringing the first Bitcoin ATMs to Iowa, that is not our primary focus,” said Leverage Holdings, LLC CEO and Founder David Miller.

“We felt Iowa was a prime market since one listing of Bitcoin ATMs shows more of them in nearby Kansas City than in New York, Los Angeles and nearly all other metro markets.”

“Bitcoin can incite some discussion since backers see it as an alternative, and government free, way to pay for goods and services. It carries no government backing the way the United States backs the dollar. What is even more exciting is what we are developing – we have some game-changers in the works that aim to reduce bitcoin’s volatility to end users,” concluded Miller.

The startup operates in three areas – mining, trading and developing – and current projects include an innovative wallet, derivatives and smart contracts.

In addition to its plans to unveil a series of Bitcoin ATMs, the company is currently developing an ergonomic mobile interface to be used by two individuals to transfer value between each other for little of even no fees without relying on a trusted third party.

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