MetaQuotes virtual hosting service goes live

As first reported by LeapRate, The latest build (735) of the ubiquitous Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform was released on Friday, with traders now able to make use of new Virtual Hosting service, as well as enriched news content.

MetaQuotes Software, the developer of the popular trading platform, has been touting the pending launch of Virtual Hosting since July, when the 670 build for MT4 was rolled out. Virtual Hosting is available for traders who use MT4 who can rent a virtual server via the client terminal.

The procedure for making use of the new service, provided by partners of MetaQuotes Software, is rather simple. A trader needs to activate the “Register a Virtual Server” command and then to follow the instructions that appear in the Virtual Hosting Wizard panel.

While the innovation is mainly targeted at users of experts advisors (EAs) on MT4, who need to have their robots running incessantly, Virtual Hosting is also for traders who consider constant and stable connection with low latency an important aspect of platform operation. The pricing varies depending on the payment plan selected: a piece of good news for all those registered in the is that they may opt for 360 free minutes of hosting.

Another important improvement that is a part of the latest MT4 build concerns news: the section now supports rich content and displays multimedia. In addition, traders will be able to get the news that were published while they were offline: previously, the terminal received news only during the time it was connected to the server. Traders who like being up-to-date with global events and are keen on fundamental analysis will most certainly appreciate this improvement.

In keeping with aspects that surround most new software builds, MT4 735 comes along with several fixes as well as changes to the MQL4 programming language. For instance, the return type of functions OrderOpenTime, OrderCloseTime, OrderExpiration have been changed.


You can read the full press release on MT4’s latest build by clicking here


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