MAP S.Platis EMIR reporting solution has reported over 10,000,000 trades since launch

The MAP-ERS EMIR reporting system, designed and built by Cyprus based financial services consultants MAP S.Platis, has since its launch successfully reported over 10,000,000 trades via its unique and specialised platform, with zero downtime and 100% success rate, according to an announcement by MAP S. Platis today.

In line with the company’s commitment to the high-calibre institutions including banks and investment firms from all over the European Union who have become members of MAP-ERS, MAP S.Platis has confirmed that its teams have recorded yet another first ensuring full and timely compliance for all members of MAP-ERS. The firm’s systems have been accepting Collateral Valuation Reports since the July 23 – i.e. three weeks ahead of the August 11th EMIR deadline for submitting daily mark-to-market valuations of positions and collateral updates.

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