Magick upgrades algo trading platform, rebrands to Tradeworks

After a sustained period of almost 2 years of constant product development and countless interactions with users, investors and other stakeholders, Magick, the Copenhagen/Singapore-based fintech company is announcing it is rebranding to Tradeworks and launching version 2 of their trade automation platform aimed at increasing usability for its retail FX and CFD trader target audience.

The Company is taking a bold step forwards to enforce its visual identity as well as its brand by renaming the company and its core product. As of today, the company formerly known as Magick will be known as Tradeworks and the core FX and CFD trade automation software will bear the same name. Together with the name change, Tradeworks is launching a new website under the domain.

Reflecting on the new name, Tradeworks CEO, Mikael Breinholst says, “the name change comes at a perfect time in the development of our company. We are moving towards a significant increase in our partnership business, where Tradeworks’ software is distributed in collaboration with the brokers, and concurrently, the Tradeworks name much better reflects the customer value that the product brings.”

Launching Tradeworks version 2 Design, functionality and usability are vital elements for Tradeworks. Version 2 of the trade automation platform includes a complete revamp of the application user-interface, which includes simplified navigation and increased use of intelligence in the strategy building/editing module. Also, version 2 brings about increased performance analytics for backtesting.

“Tradeworks version 2 has been in the making for a long time. It brings together many valuable elements such as our new, proprietary backtester, a simplified and more efficient strategy editing module and a completely new information architecture providing much improved navigation,” says Tradeworks CEO Mikael Breinholst and adds, “what our users can’t see on the surface is that version 2 also takes full advantage of our partnership with IBM as it introduces a new, highly scalable and secure, infrastructure.”

Magick upgrades algo trading platform, rebrands to Tradeworks

Beginning this week, the “Starter” subscription, which is completely free, will include support for trading on live MT4 accounts. A premium upgrade is available for heavy users trading on multiple concurrent trading strategies. Mikael Breinholst comments, “we want everyone to experience the power of computer assisted trading.

First step was to remove any need for programming and the next step is to make the transition from paper trading on demo accounts to real money trading on live account as seamless as possible. Now both are totally free with Tradeworks.”

About Tradeworks Tradeworks is an independent developer of financial trading software. Established in 2013 Tradeworks is led by entrepreneurs with decades of financial industry experience, all driven by a shared ambition of reshaping the world of online financial trading through innovative financial trading technology.

The company’s software platform, simply referred to as Tradeworks, is a cloud-based trade automation software designed for individual forex and CFD traders. The aim of the product is to help traders optimize their trading performance through simple-to-use, powerful, trading technology. Tradeworks makes it easy to build and execute trading algorithms or work from a number of built-in, template strategies whilst assisting traders in managing risk through a suite of money management features.

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