Leverate’s Sirix updates method of ranking top traders

Leverate has completely updated the metrics used to determine the top Sirix Social Masters, allowing Sirix Social Community members to follow and copy the most consistently successful traders. Under the new guidelines, Top traders are now selected through the use of an exclusive algorithm based on a combination of factors, including percentage of winning trades, maintenance of sensible risk profiles, and low max drawdown levels.

By emphasizing the value of a lower risk profile, the new system encourages higher trading volumes, by steering members towards more stable Masters, limiting the likelihood of loss which could seriously impact a client’s portfolio. In previous releases of Sirix, the Social Stream pushed traders with the highest P/L ratios. However, relying only on earnings without comparing this to each trader’s risk profile did not provide the best measure of overall performance.

The P/L summary included as part of each Top Trader profile has also been redesigned to show the trader’s profitability throughout the entirety of the previous year, giving clearer win/loss ratios in relationship to monthly statements. Thanks to these updates, the Top Traders section of the Sirix Social Stream is the easiest way for Sirix Social Community members to find the best traders to learn from.



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