Leverate opens an appstore for the Sirix trading platform

Leverate’s new HTML5 upgrade for Sirix is focused on further integrating social trading, and opening up Sirix to third party apps.

FX Platform provider Leverate has announced the launch of its fully-redesigned Sirix Web trading platform, built from the ground up in HTML5. Sirix Web requires no download, and is fully integrated with each broker’s trading platform (MT4), brokerage website, CRM and additional backend systems.

The main change with the new Sirix web environment will be the upcoming launch of Sirix Store, Leverate’s entrant in the FX apps business. Sirix Store will contain third-party applications and plug-ins such as indicators, signal traders, videos, TV, education and behavioral analysis. Leverate plans to launch Sirix Store  later this year.

With the launch of Sirix Store and by opening up the Sirix environment to outside developers, Leverate is taking dead aim at the Tradable FX appstore, which has been gaining traction lately as an alternative platform with forex brokers such as Monex in Japan, and SVSFX and Tradenext in the UK. The main advantage the Sirix Store appstore will have over Tradable, of course, is that it can piggyback off an already existing ‘mainstream’ web trading platform. Leverate is also going in the opposite direction of MetaQuotes, which is trying to close off access to its platform to third party software, namely the copy trading platforms such as ZuluTrade, Tradency, Tradeo and Myfxbook.

When looking at Sirix, the main thing you notice as compared to other FX platforms is the front-and-center treatment given to social trading, and the built-in Sirix social platform. As we’ve written before, Leverate has demonstrated that building in social and copy trading and follow trading capabilities significantly increases client activity, a key goal of any forex broker.

To see the Leverate press release announcing the HTML5 Sirix Web platform and appstore click here (pdf).

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