Leverate introduces spread share feature for affiliates

Forex brokerage technology provider Leverate has made several innovative additions to the latest release of the LXCRM platform, based on requests received from Forex brokers. Updated features include integrated “spread share”, thanks to the company’s new relationship with affiliate management solutions provider HasOffers. LXCRM lets brokers customize pop-up alerts that can be triggered by any designated workflow activity, and centralizes contact options to simplify connecting with traders.

“We’ve received several requests from brokers to include a spread-share setting for affiliates, alongside the CPA model,” noted LXCRM Product Manager Erez Shilon. “With LXCRM, affiliates are given secure access to their own earnings, and the broker is provided with an automatic accounting of each affiliate. The Account page has also been overhauled to give brokers even more control, allowing centralized access to real-time trading data, including volume, P&L, and the number of open positions. Using this information, brokers can quickly assess the status of each account, create charts and dashboards to track user activity, and delegate account management to the appropriate teams.”

Leverate LXCRM

According to Erez Shilon, “Brokers are becoming more pressed for time, and we understand that having automated notifications and collection of essential data in one convenient place increases both efficiency and productivity. We are committed to working with our brokers to make running a successful Forex business as easy as possible.”

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