KCG introduces Acknowledge, direct-to-client market making relationship

KCG Holdings, Inc. Class A (NYSE:KCG) today introduced KCG Acknowledge, a direct-to-client market making relationship that combines the advantages of top-tier technology with those of a direct relationship with a responsible partner.

KCG will also seek to beef up transparency by publishing Acknowledge execution protocols and FAQs for all asset classes on its website.

KCG Acknowledge unites the company’s direct-to-client market making businesses in Equities, US Treasuries and Forex under a single umbrella. The new service includes Acknowledge EQ, Acknowledge FI, and Acknowledge FX.

kcg_acknowledgeUntil now, KCG’s equities market making offering was marketed under the name “Knight Link” and its fixed income offering was marketed under the name “GET Direct”. Because these are now part of Acknowledge, KCG will decommission both brand names.

KCG Acknowledge FX offers clients a direct connection to a market maker in order to find the FX liquidity they need. As principle, Acknowledge FX generates unique and competitive prices in G20 pairs and can customize pricing, tick updates, skewing and fill ratios based on the needs of KCG’s clients.

Greg Tusar, Head of Global Execution Services said:

“In today’s high-speed electronic trading environment, accountability and transparency have become more important than ever – that is the vision behind KCG Acknowledge. With Acknowledge, we have a direct, one-to-one, ongoing relationship with our clients that enables us to not only ensure they are satisfied with pricing and execution quality every time, but also allows us to connect with them on a deeper level by understanding their unique objectives and workflows – which can make a real difference in long-term trading performance.”

Doug Borden, Co-Head of Equities Client Market Making, added, “As market complexity has increased and options for trading have multiplied, liquidity can be increasingly difficult to source. Acknowledge clients can rely on a well-known, trusted counterparty that is focused on building a strong, long-term relationship. Trading used to come with this level of accountability, and with Acknowledge, it can once again.”

KCG Acknowledge is accessible from today – September 10, 2015.

To view the official announcement by KCG, click here.

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