KCG announces European release of client execution algorithm “Catch”

KCG Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KCG) is expanding its client execution algorithm “Catch”, with the European release of the solution announced today.

“Catch,” which has already been rolled out in the United States, is designed to leverage smart logic, adaptability and advanced analytics to capture liquidity and achieve incremental micro alpha.

Thanks to Catch’s highly flexible participation range, it has room to move and pursue liquidity as needed. Clients can determine its urgency level, selecting “Passive,” “Neutral” or “Aggressive,” depending on how they want the strategy to behave.

Rob Crane, Head of Execution Services for KCG Europe, says,

“Catch uses our nuanced fair value models, analytics processing power and optimized routing logic to expertly navigate the EU marketplace. We designed it for our clients who want an adaptive strategy that minimizes potential impact, and yet benefits from those opportunities to extract better incremental performance. It manages orders using the tactics a market maker would use – staying highly flexible and minding inventory and market conditions in real time.”

Phil Allison, CEO of KCG Europe, says,

“Our goal is for our agency trading offerings to harness the firm’s specific areas of expertise: our focus on execution quality, consistently high hit rates, deep understanding of liquidity and market microstructure, and our commitment to powerful technology. Catch should serve as an example of how our execution-only business model can translate to meaningful benefits for our clients.”

The algorithm is being deployed through KCG’s open architecture network of major OMS and EMS providers.

You can view the announcement from KCG by clicking here.

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