Japan’s Hirose FX to change margin requirements for LionFX platform

Japanese Forex broker Hirose FX earlier today unveiled plans to change the way margin is calculated for currency trading on its Lion FX platform.

The margin requirements will be calculated based on a new formula: the requested margin will be equal to 0.5% of the value of the position, that is, the maximum leverage will be 1:200.

Previously, the margin requirement was set in a different way. For each traded lot (with most currency pairs), a trader had to secure a fixed margin of JPY 500 ($4.02).

The broker also notes that fluctuations in exchange rates, associated with market risks, may force it to change margin requirements. The company can revise these on a weekly basis.

The changes will come into effect on September 7, 2015, the broker notes, and asks traders to make necessary adjustments.

To view the official announcement by Hirose, click here.

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