Interactive Brokers’ TWS platform enhances Risk Navigator, language capabilities

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR), one of the major online trading services providers in the United States, has introduced new features to the Trader Workstation (TWS) platform.

LeapRate has already informed you of some of the novelties in build 956 (currently in beta), such as Daily P&L Alerts on Positions and new Technical Indicator columns. The latest enhancements concern the language functionalities of the platform, as well as Risk Navigator.

Non-English Contract Description

The TWS Contract Description field now shows content in the localized language set in the platform. Currently, only Simplified Chinese is supported. To change the display language for TWS, go to the Login Box and click the flag icon along the bottom of the box and then choose a language.

Risk Navigator Enhancements

Interactive Brokers has added three new columns to the Risk Navigator tabs, along with the ability to use different “margin” modes in a hypothetical what-if portfolio.

The new columns are available from the Metrics menu and include:

  • Tracking Factor – This field will provide the related tracking factor if the contract has a related primary contract, i.e. leveraged ETFs. Traders can add this column to the Equity, Forex, Commodity, MoneyMarket and Volatility Products tabs.
  • Correlation – This field provides the correlation between the a contracted and the user-selected reference index. Traders can add this column to the Equity, Forex, Commodity, MoneyMarket and Volatility Products tabs.
  • Description – The field provides the ‘company name’ details for a contract. Traders can add this column to the Equity, Bond, Forex, Commodity, MoneyMarket, Structured Products, Volatility Products and P&L tabs.

The broker has added a new Margin Mode feature to the Risk Navigator Settings menu. This feature is only available for what-if portfolios, and is greyed out if the server does not find at least one available other margin type.

You can find out more about the TWS platform by clicking here.

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Interactive Brokers' TWS platform enhances Risk Navigator, language capabilities


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