Interactive Brokers releases new build of TWS platform

US Forex broker Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) has just released the latest build (951) of its Trader Workstation (TWS) platform. The enhancements are numerous, ranging from new Jefferies Algos to the ability to set repeatable margin cushion alerts.

Let’s take a look at some of the improvements that the latest version of TWS offers:

  • Implied Volatility Viewer

Just to clarify – “Implied volatility” is a measure of how much the market “believes” prices will move given a known option price. It indicates the size, but not the direction, of the movement expected.

The new TWS build enables traders to use the Implied Volatility Viewer for all stock, index and futures that have option contracts to see option volatility plotted against a range of user-specified strike prices for a user-defined expiry list.

This tool replaces the Model Navigator.

  • Multi-Contract Time & Sales

TWS users can now choose to view Time & Sales for multiple contracts versus just a single contract.

  • Repeatable Margin Cushion Alerts

Margin Cushion alerts in TWS now have the “Repeatable” feature available. This means that traders can set the alert once, and anytime the margin cushion drops below a specified level the alert will sound.


  • New Algos

jefflalgosA series of new Jefferies and CSFB algos have been added to TWS. To select an algo, from the Destination field select JEFFALGO or CSFBALGO, and then select the algo.

  • Municipal Bonds Scanner

The Advanced Market Scanners, accessible from the New Window drop down, now includes a US Municipal Bonds scanner to find bonds by state (or for all states). Traders can filter returned muni bonds by quantity, price and yield, payment frequency rating, maturity date, coupon rate and more.

  • Model Portfolios: Reallocate by Amount

Advisors can now reallocate funds in model portfolios by an absolute target amount as well as by a target percentage.

To examine details about the latest TWS version, click here.


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