IG Group now offers extended hours trading on 70 US stocks

British multi-asset CFD firm IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) has stepped up its efforts to enhance stock trading opportunities for its clients.

The company has just announced that its list of US stocks that can be traded even after the market closes has been enlarged and that it now features stocks in whooping 70 companies. The list covers shares in leading companies listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE Amex.

As you know, many UK-based trading companies only allow trading up until 9pm (London time).

IG understands that many of its clients need to trade outside these hours to make the most of company announcements. That is why the group has made sure that trading CFDs and spread betting on dozens of key US stocks at the most important times – up until 1am Mon-Thurs and 10pm Fri (London time), is available.

The move is particularly apt as the US earnings season is starting, with a number of major companies set to publish their quarterly figures throughout April, May and June. Thanks to the extended hours, IG’s clients can trade even when announcements are made after market close.

To learn more about IG’s extended hours on US stocks, visit the designated page or watch the special video where Alastair McCaig explains the details on the process of such shares trading.

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