ICM Capital adds prepaid MasterCard to account management options

Today ICM Capital Limited launched the ICM Capital Prepaid MasterCard Card for its Forex, Commodity and CFD traders. ICM Capital is one of few FCA regulated brokers to issue the Card in EUR, USD, or GBP, making secure withdrawals for people who want the confidence of a UK regulated broker, even easier.

“We have recently announced the launch of our own branded ICM Capital prepaid MasterCard Card. Delivering a seamless trading experience for our customers is a priority for us. Our traders are able to link this Card to their ICM Capital trading accounts, and use it in stores and ATM machines bearing the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Integrating this card into our system makes it easy to move funds to and from the Card 24 hours a day via ICM Access, our trader’s personal account management system.” said Shoaib Abedi, Director at ICM Capital.

Traders can easily link their ICM Capital trading account with the Prepaid MasterCard Card in order to transfer funds between their account and Card to quickly and safely withdraw trading profits. The card offers the benefit of paying for goods and services wherever MasterCard cards are accepted. With everything linked together in one place, the trader can also make cash withdraws securely from ATM machines at thousands of destinations around the clock, 7 days a week.

Patrick Seguev, CEO, Intercash: “As the leading global provider of prepaid card programmes, Intercash is thrilled to launch this exciting partnership with ICM Capital and reinforce our strong footprint within the Forex industry. Our unique programme offering of prepaid MasterCard cards, available in multiple currencies, provides ICM Capital traders with a safe and easy way to withdraw their profits anywhere in the world. While tailoring this programme, both ICM Capital and Intercash’s priority and focus remained on bringing excellence to ICM Capital traders and adding value to their existing relationships. We are very proud to be working with such a credible and innovative company with worldwide reach.”

New clients can register for the Prepaid MasterCard Card by applying for a live trading account and ICM’s traders can submit a request via the account management system ICM Access. Credentials will be given along with the Card, to monitor transactions. Once card is activated traders can view the Cards activity history, balance, and generally manage it from their smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.

For more information on the card visit ICM Capital by clicking here.

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