Horizon Software announces launch of revised algo trading technology

Advanced algorithmic trading technology provider Horizon Software has today announced the latest version of its electronic trading platform. The newly-launched v2.1 significantly increases the throughput, reduces platform latency and extends its potential by covering all the business needs of equity and equity derivatives desk, among them Delta One, OPTIONS TRADING, and customer flow. The new version provides a host of compliance tools, which will now allow clients to meet market-making obligations anywhere in the world and includes regulatory safeguards such as anti-self-matching, short-sell tagging and throttling limitations.

Jean-Marc Delfarguiel, CEO of Horizon, comments: “With this new version we have set a new standard in electronic trading. At Horizon we have always been committed to offering our customers the most technologically advanced platform on the market. We base our development on extensive and ongoing feedback from clients, which allows us to deliver exactly what the market needs.”

Continuous R&D, combined with extensive benchmarking, maintain Horizon’s position as a prominent technology partner for traders worldwide. v2.1 is designed and optimized to eliminate or reduce database access and thread switching, by making extensive use of lock-free structures and minimal object creation, thereby avoiding possible sources of latency and contention.

Sylvain Thieullent, Head of Electronic Trading at Horizon, says: “Horizon v2.1 is our most sophisticated and complete trading platform to date. Not only does it deliver a large range of new functionality which improves the overall performance of the platform, but it is also now much simpler to deploy and support, ensuring that our users can be up-and-running very quickly – with just a few clicks – so will not need to spend time and resource on the implementation.”

The use of the latest Java technology means that the system is highly scalable, enabling the platform to cope with the massive amounts of real-time data resulting from automated market-making and trading. Being one of the contributors to the atdl4j open source project, Horizon’s connectivity is quick to adapt to new execution algos, leveraging the FIXatdl standard.

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