HKEX announces securities for first phase of its closing auction

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has announced the securities for the first phase of the closing auction it will introduce in its securities market on Monday, July 25, 2016. They were posted in the Volatility Control Mechanism and Closing Auction Session (CAS) section of the HKEX website today along with updated frequently asked questions about the CAS.

Some of the closing times in HKEX’s market will be extended as a result of the introduction of the CAS.

New closing times from July 25, 2016 with current closing times (There will also be changes to the typhoon arrangements for the securities and derivatives markets, and the trading hours on the last trading day and the final settlement price calculation algorithm for certain derivatives from July 25, 2016.)

Securities market – Phase 1 securities

  • Normal trading day: random close between 4:08 pm and 4:10 pm (4 pm)
  • Half-day trading: random close between 12:08 pm and 12:10 pm (12:00 pm)

Derivatives market – Stock index futures and options, currency futures and commodity futures

  • Normal trading day: 4:30 pm (4:15 pm)
  • Half-day trading: 12:30 pm (12:00)

The opening time of HKEX’s After-hours Futures Trading (AHFT) will also be extended.

New opening time from July 25, 2016 with current opening time

  • AHFT
    5:15 pm (5:00 pm)

Additional CAS information, including a “Understand the Closing Auction Session in Just One Minute”, is available in the Volatility Control Mechanism and Closing Auction Session (CAS) section of the HKEX website.

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HKEX announces securities for first phase of its closing auction


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